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Finance Industry
Web3 & Finance

Join the DeFi Revolution

As a finance professional, the rise of decentralized finance built on blockchain is transforming your role. This masterclass equips you with the must-have skills to thrive in the new era of Web3 finance. Learn how to utilize DeFi, cryptoassets, tokenization, and more to access new markets and products. Build real-world expertise in areas like yield farming, decentralized trading, liquidity mining, and beyond. With regulatory scrutiny increasing and decentralized apps exploding, you need to skill up now.

  1. Lessons: 31
  2. Study time: 15 hrs
Marketing Industry
Web3 & Marketing

Disruptive Web3 Marketing Strategies

Marketing is evolving rapidly alongside emerging Web3 technology. Gain expertise in blockchain, NFTs and the metaverse through this masterclass, and transform your approach to brand experiences. Learn to build excitement with NFT drops, token-gated content and immersive activations in virtual worlds. Become a trailblazer in decentralized marketing.

  1. Lessons: 30
  2. Study time: 16 hrs
Legal & Compliance Industry
Web3 & Legal & Compliance

Navigating Web3 Legal Frameworks

Learn how blockchain technology is transforming legal strategy, practice, and compliance. Whether you're an aspiring crypto law expert or an established legal professional, this Course Series will empower you to lead in the decentralized future of law.

  1. Lessons: 30
  2. Study time: 16 hrs
Governance Industry
Web3 & Governance

The Future of Organisation Design

Web3 is transforming organizational and societal governance, with major implications for leaders. This masterclass provides the strategic knowledge to govern effectively as blockchain, DAOs, and decentralized systems disrupt traditional models.

  1. Lessons: 30
  2. Study time: 16 hrs
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