Web3 & Finance
AccreditationQuality assured content
Access4 x modules
Duration15+ hours
DeliveryGlobal executives teaching
ContentReal world business cases
AssessmentSkills based tests

The Emerging Technology Course for Finance Professionals

What will I learn?
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Entering Web3

Navigating the history of the web, the concept of digital ownership, how we can interact with web3, and the big ticket opportunities it can provide for anyone who dedicates time to truly understanding innovation in technology.

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Your tutor:
Nabil Hadi
Web3 & Blockchain Consultant

  1. Lessons: 9
  2. Study time: 3.5 hrs

Blockchain Fundamentals

Blockchain is one of the most innovative and impactful examples of distributed systems in the modern world. It's these systems that are the underlying concept behind all areas Blockchain.

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Your tutor:
Dr Niaz Chowdhury
Co-founder and Chairman of LSLIT

  1. Lessons: 7
  2. Study time: 4 hrs
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Cryptocurrency & DeFi

Cryptocurrency and DeFi (Decentralized Finance) play a pivotal role in reshaping the global financial landscape. This module explores the transformative power of digital currencies, enabling borderless and frictionless transactions.

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Your tutor:
Vineeth Bhuvanagiri
Managing Director Emurgo Fintech

  1. Lessons: 8
  2. Study time: 4 hrs
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Strategy & Culture

Discover the significance of cultivating a culture that values transparency, collaboration, and innovation, essential for thriving in the decentralised ecosystem. Explore the strategies that have achieved success through strategic decision-making and a strong cultural foundation.


Your tutor:
Dan Strode
Strategy & Culture Advisor

  1. Lessons: 7
  2. Study time: 3.5 hrs
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Your gateway to the new era of Finance

This Course provides finance professionals with the essential knowledge needed to understand the implications of Web3 and leverage its potential.

In the Blockchain Fundamentals course, you will learn how this groundbreaking technology works and enables decentralised systems. Gain critical insights into blockchain's core components like distributed ledgers, cryptography, consensus mechanisms, and smart contracts.

The Entering Web3 course covers the evolution of the internet and introduces key concepts like digital ownership, cryptocurrency wallets, and blockchain-based transactions that are shaping the future of finance.

The Strategy and Culture for Web3 course dives into how finance institutions can develop new business models and foster innovation to capitalise on Web3 opportunities. Learn frameworks for creating Web3 strategies and building an agile corporate culture receptive to emerging technologies.

Gain a robust understanding of Web3.
Learn about decentralized technologies, including blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
Understand how these technologies are transforming finance.
Acquire strategic insights to make informed decisions.
Prepare to help your organization navigate the Web3 revolution.

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Web3 & Finance
Future of Finance Finance

Web3 & Finance Course

Discover the future of finance... exploring Blockchain, DeFi, Strategy and culture.

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What's included?
Web3 and finance expertise
Blockchain and smart contracts understanding
DeFi ecosystem exploration
Decentralized ledger comprehension
Strategic Web3 finance mindset
Enhanced career prospects
What does the Web3 & Finance Course cover?
This course explores Blockchain, DeFi, Strategy, and Culture, focusing on the future of finance in the Web3 era.
How long is the course and what does it include?
The course is 15+ hours long, including 4 modules with real-world business cases and skills-based tests.
Who is this course suited for?
It's designed for finance professionals seeking to understand and leverage the potential of Web3.
What is the cost of the Web3 & Finance Course?
The course is priced at £599, with a super early bird offer.
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