Our story
Founded by friends with a simple shared vision: make emerging technology skills accessible to all.
Too often the complex subjects of technology are only available to developers and technologists. Web3 changes this. Opening up not just new ways to build products, but fundamentals shifts in brand loyalty, customer engagement, business models, authenticity and much more.
Meet the founders
A founding team made up of innovators, rule breakers, enthusiasts and visionaries.
Obsessed with helping people apply Emerging Technology to their business and careers to unlock potential and growth.
Ollie Bell
Co-founder & CEO
Ollie is a multi-award winning executive and specialist in digital education and innovation. Previously the youngest person to be named Director of a Chartered Institute in the UK, Ollie has earned top tier certifications from Harvard and Oxford University, as well as working strategically with global brands, governments and the private sector.
Nabil Hadi
Co-founder & COO
Nabil has over 10 years experience in the technology sector. This includes working for a Fortune 500 company to advising global brands on technology selection. He has studied Blockchain Strategy at Oxford University & the Institute of Blockchain Singapore. He holds ownership & advisory roles at a Blockchain development company & many web3 projects.
Tom Downing
Co-founder & CTO
With over a decade of experience in the UK creative tech agency space, Tom’s advised and developed products for fortune 500 brands across sports, health, defence, aerospace and retail. His passion lies in revolutionising aging consumer experiences through emerging tech innovation
Matt Warner
Co-founder & CCO
Matt has gained experience across a multitude of industries from competing as an athlete, working with sport and media personalities in the the health and fitness space, to curating an creating visual design and creative for brands and projects.
Our mission
Cluttered, overpriced, theoretical academic programs and platforms awash with unvetted content.
That's the mission we're on to solve.

We reject the old paradigm of lengthy courses with no real-world application and the passive consumption of dubious "expert" videos. We're here to bridge the gap with a transformative educational experience that’s as dynamic as Web3 itself.

Roster Secret Sauce

Our focus is on delivering measurable business outcomes through credible, hands-on learning designed for the digital age – education that doesn't just inform, but transforms. Join us in redefining the essence of learning in the Web3 revolution.
Meet the board
Early adopters, innovators, and big industry thinkers.
Taking our vision to the next level by breaking down traditional boundaries, offering global insight and industry innovations.
Ben Mee
Athlete & Web3 Investor, Brentford FC
An English premier league player with Brentford FC. Off the field he is a strong spokesperson for mental health, education and sustainability. He also has a passion for how emerging technology can help solve some of the world’s biggest challenges.
Dan Strode
Global HR Director, Santander Bank
With over a decade of banking experience at one of the world's leading banks I led the development of corporate strategy in one of our countries but now I head up the development of the human resources strategy and the embedding of a corporate culture for over 200,000 colleagues globally.