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Into the Metaverse

Work, learn, socialise, shop, and collaborate seamlessly

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Nova Lorraine

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Nova, and I'll be teaching you the fundamentals of Into the Metaverse

Recognized with the Metaverse Champion Award and named one of the top 12 leaders in the Metaverse, I've been fortunate to win awards such as the Web3 Creator and Entrepreneur by SheBuilds. As a creator, I was also selected as a winner of the Lamina1 Blockchain NFT art contest in which my fashion art was one of the first mints on the chain. As it relates to virtual worlds, most recently I designed and assisted in developing a luxury shopping destination, LORR, steeped in storytelling and built on Unreal Engine 5.

Lead branding teams on the Metaverse Game Hub
Author of book ‘Fashion AI and the Digital Age of Fashion’
One of the top 12 leaders in the Metaverse
Board Member for the Metaverse Fashion Council.

A future where boundaries are shattered and imagination has no limits.

Virtual worlds have the power to transport us beyond our physical limitations and ignite our imaginations. They allow us to explore new realms, connect with others, and unleash our creativity in ways we never thought possible.

These spaces have the potential to reshape industries, revolutionize education, and democratize access to information and opportunities. It is up to us as leaders, creators and innovators, to embrace these technologies responsibly and inclusively, to allow for more access, and create an environment where diversity thrives, and human potential is amplified.

Topics5 Chapters
001What is the metaverse?
002How do virtual worlds and the metaverse work?
003How is the metaverse transforming different sectors?
004The metaverse and the web3 ecosystem
005Web2 and the metaverse
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Work, learn, socialise, shop, and collaborate seamlessly

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This course is a game changer! The breadth of Web3 explained in an inclusive, accessible and interactive way. I’m able to learn on the go or at my leisure with the friendly Roster team and fellow students at hand for support. I can’t recommend it enough! You’re in great hands with Roster.

Minal Hawkins, Compliance Officer, CIMSPA

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What will I learn in the Into the Metaverse Masterclass?
The course explores how to work, learn, socialize, shop, and collaborate in the Metaverse.
Who is the tutor for this course?
Nova Lorraine, recognized as a top leader in the Metaverse, will be the tutor for this course.
What are the key modules in this masterclass?
Modules include understanding the Metaverse, how virtual worlds work, transformation of different sectors by the Metaverse, and more.
What is the price of the Into the Metaverse Masterclass?
This masterclass is priced at £47.
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