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The catalysts of transformative governance

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Aléksa Mil

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Aléksa, and I'll be teaching you the fundamentals of Decentralised Autonomous Organisations

In the Web3 space, I go by Daolexa. My education background is in law, however, I built my career in the tech industry. I made the transition to blockchain a few years ago, and since then I’ve been living and breathing Web3. My main focus from the very beginning were DAOs, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations and as an expert educator, I have been involved in a number of DAOs as a member, contributor, consultant, advisor, and a cofounder.

Host of the DAO Today podcast
Ambassador at CharmVerse
Guest lecturer at universities
Member, contributor, consultant, advisor at various DAO's

A new way to self-govern and organize

DAOs are blockchain powered community governed organizations that utilize smart contracts to automate rules and operations. These organizations are built by the people for the people who share a mutual mission and vision.

DAO governance, the rules of behavior, are embedded in smart contracts that ensure that the execution is trustless, immutable, transparent and honest.

Topics6 Chapters
001Module Introduction
002DAOs and Decentralisation
003What is a DAO?
004Building a DAO
005DAOs in action
006Recommended Reading
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The catalysts of transformative governance

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This course is a game changer! The breadth of Web3 explained in an inclusive, accessible and interactive way. I’m able to learn on the go or at my leisure with the friendly Roster team and fellow students at hand for support. I can’t recommend it enough! You’re in great hands with Roster.

Minal Hawkins, Compliance Officer, CIMSPA

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What is the focus of the DAO's Masterclass?
The course focuses on Decentralized Autonomous Organizations as catalysts of transformative governance.
Who is the instructor for this course?
Aléksa Mil, an expert in DAOs with experience in law and technology, will be teaching the course.
What topics does the course cover?
Topics include DAOs and Decentralisation, Building a DAO, DAOs in action, and Recommended Reading.
How much does the DAO's Masterclass cost?
The course is available for £47.
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