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Blockchain Fundamentals

Core concepts, theory, and implications of blockchain

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Dr Niaz Chowdhury

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Niaz, and I'll be teaching you the fundamentals of Blockchain Fundamentals

I'm the co-founder and Chairman of London School Leadership, Investment, and Technology or simply LSLIT, an EdTech platform that provides executive education and professional development courses for leaders, learners and innovators. I also lead the research and development of LSLIT's EdTech platform as the Chief Scientist of London Tech Lab, where we use blockchain technology and cutting-edge pedagogy to create a transformative learning experience. I have more than 15 years of experience in researching and developing distributed systems.

Role at the Distributed Systems Group at Trinity College, University of Dublin
PhD in Distributed Systems at University of Glasgow
Researcher at the Open University
Key member of the Covid19 vaccination certification system
Author of a book called Inside Blockchain, Bitcoin, and Cryptocurrencies

A flock of birds that fly together without the presence of a designated leader

These birds switch leaders over time by maintaining a strategy that helps them save energy and travel faster. This is also known as, Distributed Systems.

Blockchain is one of the most innovative and impactful examples of distributed systems in the modern world, and I'm excited to share my insights and experience with you in this module.

Distributed systems are the underlying concept behind all areas Blockchain. You will learn about the core concepts, theory, and implications of blockchain technology.

Topics6 Chapters
001Module Introduction
002Blockchain Basics
003Evolution of the Blockchain
004Communicating about Blockchain
005Case Studies
006Recommended Reading
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Web3 & Blockchain Fundamentals
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Core concepts, theory, and implications of blockchain

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What are the core concepts covered in the Blockchain Fundamentals Masterclass?
The course covers the core concepts, theory, and implications of blockchain.
Who is the tutor for this masterclass?
Dr. Niaz Chowdhury, an expert with over 15 years of experience in researching and developing distributed systems, will be teaching the course.
What are the key topics included in this course?
Topics include Blockchain Basics, Evolution of the Blockchain, Communicating about Blockchain, Case Studies, and Recommended Reading.
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The course is priced at £97.
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