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Being Web3 Compliant

See behind the curtain with what really matters to regulators

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Gareth Malna

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Gareth, and I'll be teaching you the fundamentals of Being Web3 Compliant

A veritable legal wizard in this space. And whilst my early practice focussed on financial services including retail investment products, banking, pensions, and insurance, over time it increasing focussed on electronic money, payment services and the tokenisation of funds, bringing us up to today, where we’re first law firm in the world to deploy an NFT which could be exchanged for legal advice.

I'm a Partner at a legal firm, which has the largest crypto legal team in Europe and I help businesses and projects who use crypto assets to navigate the regulations by working with them on their structure, jurisdiction choice, token design, regulatory approvals, and by helping them build their governance framework and systems and controls.

Worked with Layer 1 protocols, DAOs, DeFi protocols, tokenised carbon marketplaces
Advised Premier League football clubs, fashion brands, and NFT issuers
Co-founder of Englebert, a Web 3.0 compliance business
Partner at a legal firm, which has the largest crypto legal team in Europe

A level playing field of transparency , standards and culture.

This covers at least 5 disparate areas of law that would usually require you to find 5 different lawyers to advise on. Even if you look at one single aspect of this module in isolation, say the money laundering registration process, some firms have paid in the millions of Pounds Sterling to try and successfully register with the FCA and failed.

But by taking this module I'll let you see behind the curtain so that you'll know what really matters to the regulators which could save you at least tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of advisory fees.

Topics6 Chapters
001Module Introduction
002Legal foundations for Web3
003Laws and regulation
004Compliance and risk
005Case studies
006Recommended Reading
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Web3 & Being Web3 Compliant
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See behind the curtain with what really matters to regulators

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This course is a game changer! The breadth of Web3 explained in an inclusive, accessible and interactive way. I’m able to learn on the go or at my leisure with the friendly Roster team and fellow students at hand for support. I can’t recommend it enough! You’re in great hands with Roster.

Minal Hawkins, Compliance Officer, CIMSPA

Trustpilot5.0 out of 5
What will I learn in the Being Web3 Compliant Masterclass?
The course provides insights into what matters to regulators in the context of Web3 compliance.
Who is teaching this masterclass?
Gareth Malna, a legal expert with a focus on crypto regulations, will teach this course.
What topics are covered in the course?
Topics include legal foundations for Web3, laws and regulation, compliance and risk, and case studies.
How much is the Being Web3 Compliant Masterclass?
The course fee is £47.
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