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What am I going to teach you?

Cryptocurrency & DeFi

The applications, protocols and risks of DeFi

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Vineeth Bhuvanagiri

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Vineeth, and I'll be teaching you the fundamentals of Cryptocurrency & DeFi

I started when I dropped out of school to be an early employee at Paxos, the first regulated crypto currency exchange in the United States. It was the early days of crypto so a lot of the infrastructure that we have come to be accustomed to didn't exist. I helped them build out their OTC desk and architect solutions for financial institutions that were interested in implementing blockchain solutions including their dollar and Gold backed stable coins.

Co-Founded a Health startup that raised $50million with 100+ employees
Managing Director of Emurgo
Helped Paxos build out their first OTC desk
Tokenised industrial scale mining operations real world assets

From double to triple entry bookkeeping

In 2008 Bitcoin introduced the concept of triple entry bookkeeping where instead of the ledger being maintained by trusted 3rd parties the ledger is open source and transactions are validated by the network itself.

In today's world what can you prove that you own? Your bank tells you how much money you have, your stocks and house are registered in street names. Outside your physical possessions crypto is one of the few things that you are in control of and no one can restrict you from moving your assets.

Topics7 Chapters
001Module Introduction
002About Crypto & DeFi
003Crypto & DeFi in action
004Crypto & DeFi opportunity
005Risk and Rewards
006Case Studies
007Recommended Reading
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Web3 & Cryptocurrency & DeFi
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The applications, protocols and risks of DeFi

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What will I learn in the Cryptocurrency & DeFi Masterclass?
The course covers applications, protocols, and risks of DeFi.
Who will be delivering the course?
Vineeth Bhuvanagiri, who has extensive experience in the crypto and DeFi sectors, including work with Paxos and Emurgo.
What are the main topics of the course?
Topics include About Crypto & DeFi, Crypto & DeFi in action, Crypto & DeFi opportunity, Risk and Rewards, and Case Studies.
What is the fee for this masterclass?
The fee for the course is £47.
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