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How Web3 Is Transforming Fan Engagement

Written by Nahin

What Does The Future Of Sports Look Like With Web3

The combination of sports and technology is an area of great interest, with both fans and sporting bodies attempting to amplify their game with the use of the latest tech.

But whilst we see tech being implemented on the pitch the possibilities of what can be done off it have yet to be fully explored. The era of fan engagement is next as teams, athletes and fans will recognise the extent to which Web3 can revolutionise the sporting world.

As the way we currently view fan engagement is being reshaped there have been numerous examples of successful implementations of Web3 technologies, we’ve complied some of our favourites so that perhaps you can see what the future of sports and Web3 looks like.

Sorare's Digital Collectables

Imagine taking the game of fantasy football, adding a Web3 spin and extending it from just football to the NBA and MLB.

Essentially Sorare is taking fantasy sports to the next level with digital collectables and Web3 technology. Fans can truly own tokens representing their favourite players changing the experience from just fantasy teams to having a stake in the game.

Sorare already has over 3 million registered users and numerous major partnerships in the sporting world. As more and more people get inundated to Web3 tech, we can expect to see sporting fans turn to innovative games like Sorare.

A Glimpse Into The Future Of Fan Interaction

Upland is one of the best examples of how Web3 can transform fan experiences. During the 2022 World Cup, Upland created a virtual mapped version of Qatar and the stadiums.

Over 3 million users explored Qatar, interacting with the digital experiences and collectables they had on offer, to create deeper connections with fandoms. The sales were huge, showing how much more engaged fans are with experiences like this compared to just watching passively.

It really gives you a glimpse into the future of fan interaction! No longer are you just a spectator, the Metaverse allows you to feel like you're part of the action. As virtual worlds get more immersive, fan engagement will reach a whole new level.

Binance Lead The Way

Binance is working on how to effectively bring Web3 into sports. They've partnered up with major football clubs and organisations like the Brazilian Football Confederation, FC Porto, Lazio, and more.

But what's really exciting is their deal with Alpine F1 to create unique fan tokens for every Grand Prix race. As an F1 fan, how awesome would it be to have a special digital collectable to commemorate each event?

Don't worry football fans aren't left out, with Binance fan tokens for several teams allowing fans to get in on the fun and support their team by voting on regular club matters.

By tying tokens and digital collectables to specific events, Binance are making sporting experiences even more personal and meaningful than just buying merch.

It’ll be interesting to see how this evolves with NFT’s, the Metaverse and other digital collectables in the future as Web3 begins to enable the next era of fan engagement.