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Revolutionising Education and Rewards Systems: OPENFORMAT new partnership

Written by Tom Downing
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Pushing on-chain rewards, incentives and loyalty programmes to businesses.

This collaboration is set to introduce novel reward mechanisms to clients and expand Roster's educational syllabus with a focus on customer loyalty programmes.

Typically, building on-chain rewards systems is time consuming and costly. OPENFORMAT solves this by providing developers and businesses with user-friendly development SDKs to build on-chain, reward-based experiences with ease. Their platform is designed to incentivise customer actions through an array of engaging methods like gamification, missions, rewards, and quests. This approach aligns seamlessly with Roster's vision of enhancing learning experiences.

Roster's new service offering, Education as a Service (EaSS), aims to transform how businesses that offer educational content deliver their product. By integrating principles of on-chain gamification, Roster plans to significantly improve learning retention rates. The partnership with OPENFORMAT will empower Roster to incorporate cutting-edge blockchain technology into this model, leading to a more dynamic, interactive, and rewarding learning environment.

"Businesses that offer any kind of education are constantly looking for ways to engage more effectively with their audiences," said Tom Downing, CTO and Co-founder at Roster. "Our partnership with OPENFORMAT will enable us to incorporate their on-chain reward systems into our Education as a Service model, enhancing both the learning experience and outcomes."

“We're buzzing to collaborate with Roster. Our technology, combined with their expertise in educational content delivery and broader vision across education, will create a powerful synergy. This partnership is not about technology integration; it's about using blockchain based technologies to solve real problems. . Watch this space!”

Sarah Weller, CEO of OPENFORMAT