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Nabil Hadi

What am I going to teach you?
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I'm Nabil, and I'll be teaching you the fundamentals of Entering Web3

I have over 10 years experience in the technology sector from working for a Fortune 500 company to advising global brands on technology selection. I've studied Blockchain Strategy at Oxford University and the Institute of Blockchain Singapore. I hold ownership & advisory roles at a blockchain development company and web3 projects.

Certified Blockchain Strategy at Oxford University
Advise fortune 500 companies
Lead a Singapore based blockchain development business
Known as the guy that collects pretty JPEG's

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What will I learn on this course?

Web3 is the third version of a web trilogy

If I invited you to watch the third movie in a trilogy, knowing you hadn’t seen the first two, you might think I was jumping ahead. I mean, would you even understand or enjoy that third movie? 'I'd guess the answer would be no.

And that’s the same when it comes to understanding Web3.

Web3 is the third version of a web trilogy. You have to understand the first two, to fully understand the third one.

Join me on the entry module into Web3 where you learn about how this new version of the internet was formed - from the information, creator and ownership economy innovation. You'll learn about the fundamentals, plus how to 'enter' Web3 experiences through crypto wallets.

Lessons8 Lessons
001Introducing Nabil Hadi
002Web 1, the information economy
003Web 2, the creator economy
004Web3, the self custody & ownership economy
005A new era of opportunity
006Digital wallet vs Crypto wallet
007Types of Crypto wallets
008Setting up your crypto wallet